What is iCore?

Just simple lightweight and power framework for FiveM server developer
Good to know: Infinity FiveM Framework (iCore) is simple and lightweight framework for FiveM (GTA V Multiplayers Mod).
We made it with love for our running project. The Lightweight Powerful FiveM RolePlay framework with many helpful features, but still minimal load. Benchmark core now is just 0.05 in normal playing frame. Before playing FiveM, i’m a system administrator too, mean i take care so much about the system performance. How you can grow when the core is the hole?
Feel free when contact, because with us, your are not only the customer, also we're the friends. We know what is our quality, it's not about our scripts or packages, it's the care for you.
One again, sky is the limit.
Here are some review from success customers using iCore:
I trying to find and got iCore for my xRP project. Never hear about it, but can't believe what iCore can do. Almost functions built-in ready, just plug and play right way.
— From the xRP project
We have good advise and support from the author. With iCore we can handle more players smoothly and can be extended easy.
— From the Bigy City RP

Benchmark in game play

Got some minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:
iCore framework benchmark.
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